Friday, November 11th

Time Event
18:00-19:00 Welcome and Registration.
19.00-20.00 Opening ceremony, including guest welcome and discussion of events. Drinks reception.
20.00-22.00 Presentation

Specific Considerations of Working with Homo- and Bi-Sexual Clients (Natalia Safonova) Author Introductions


LGBT Families in Russia: Real Stories (Evgeniya Monastyrskaya)

Saturday, November 12th

Time First Event Parallel Event
9.30-10.00 Welcome and Registration
Plenary Session, part 1


Danila Gulyaev (Moscow) Psychologist, Narrative Therapist
“The Industry of Distinctions: How We Differentiate Ourselves”


Irina Karagapolova, Psychiatrist, Sexologist, Independent Researcher
“On the ‘Invisibility’ of Certain Partnerships – “White Spots” in Psychology and Sexology Practice”


Vyacheslav Moskvichev, Family Counselor, Narrative Therapist
“The Helping Practitioners Position: How to Work With People, Not Ideas”


Natalia Malysheva, Psy.D, Associate Professor of Social Psychology at Moscow State University, Feminist Activist, Narrative Therapist
“Attitudes Towards (Non)Traditional Relationships Amongst Young People and Adults”


Vitaliy Sonkin, Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Gestalt Therapist, Trainer and Supervisor
“Ingrained Homophobia and its Effect on Familial Relations of Gay Couples”


Sergey Mazur, Psychologist-Consultant (Psychoanalytic approach), Ph.D
“Moral Conflicts in the Counselling of LGBTQIA Couples”
12.00-12.30 Coffee Break
Plenary Suit, part 2


Olga Burmakova, Independent Gender Researcher, Sociologist, Queer Feminist
“Outcasts: Perceptions of Bi-Sexual and Polyamorous Relationships in Society and the LGBT Community”


Ivan Charniy, Regular Participant of the group
“Svet Mira (Light of the World)”, Protestant, Organizer of Conference Forums of Western European LGBT Christians, Father, Teacher
LGBT Christians and Family: Between Perfection and Reality


Alexandra Kabatova, Psychologist
“How Parents Process their Child’s Coming Out”


Valery Sozaev, Center for Social Information Initiatives ‘Action’
“Does “+” Times “-” Equal “Family”? Mixed HIV-status Relationships and AIDS Phobia.”


Dmitry Svetliy and Vladimir Komov, LGBTQ activists
“An Open Relationship. Theory and Life.”


Luda Orel and Trickster, Narrative Practitioners, Psychological Trauma Specialists
“Relationship Detoxification”


Anna Golubeva, Psychologist, Yulia Malygina, Narrative Practitioner
“First Hand: Useful Things for a Specialist to about LGBTQIA”
14.30-15.30 Lunch Break
Round Table for psychologists and specialists working with the LGBTQIA community. “Keeping Up with Diverse Families and Unions in Helping Professions” Moderated by Danila Gulyaev
15:30-16:30 Legal Consultation about LGBTQIA Parenting and Partnerships. Conducted by Tatiana Glushkova, lawyer from the Human Rights Center “Memorial” and the Moscow LGBT-initiative group “Stimul”.
17.30-18.00 Coffee Break
Assembly of Single Sex Families. Sharing experiences, questions, issues, and the day to day of single sex families. How to withstand societal pressure and create a safe environment for yourself and your close ones. Moderated by Yulia Malygina and Anna Golubeva
17:00-20:00 Individual and family consultations regarding LGBTQIA parenting and partnerships. Conducted by Tatiana Glushkova

Sunday, November 13th

Time Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Event 4
9.30-10.00 Visitor Registration
Alexandra Kabatova
“Me. You. We.”
Sasha Krik and Elena Ivanova
“Partnerships Unions of Cisgender vs. Transgender People: Conflicts, Dialogue, and Mutual Acceptance”
Olga Grechulevich
“Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART). Specifics of ART for Single Sex Couples.”
Irina Karagopolova and Nika Yuireva
“Variation of Identities, Variations of Partners. Attempts and Challenges in Systematization.”
Coffee Break
Elina Novgorodtseva and Tatiana Klimenko
“Family That’s Good Enough”
Evgeniya Kuznetsova and Anna Manzyreva
“Who I Am in Relationship”
Sasha Haritonov
“Adultery and the Love Triangle: Why they Happen and How they Work”
Ekaterina Messorosh and Pasha Kaptanovskaya
“Trans-dad: But what about the Children?”
Lunch Break
Victoria Suksova and Anna Privezentseva
“Internalized Homophobia: Is it Possible to Raise a “Normal” Person in a Single Sex Family?”
Nina Volontey
“Mediating Family Conflicts: How Mediating Procedures can Help LGBTQIA Families”
Pavel Sobolevskiy and Maria Belikova
LGBT Therapy Group
“The View from the Inside”
Olga Burmakova
“Outcasts: Bi-sexualtiy and Polyamory in Society and the LGBT Community”
Coffee Break
Natalia Gavazina
“Intimacy. Eroticism. Sexuality. Exploration Through Play.”
Julie Esse
“English Club: Family. Tell Your Story!”
Danila Gulyaev
“How to Be Different Around Everyone Different to You.”
Daria Shutova
“Is there a place for me? The joys and sorrows of non-biological parents in LGBT families.”
Coffee Break
18.30-19.30 “Playback #01” Theatre: Conference Review
Closing Ceremony: Thanks, Gifts, and Certificates