Services - Resource LGBTQIA Moscow

Centre for social, psychological and cultural projects “Resource LGBTQIA Moscow”

“Resource LGBTQIA Moscow” offers:

Individual psychological consultations for LGBTQIAs and their loved ones: face-to-face or via Skype >>>

The consultations are provided by professional psychologists experienced in the field of  LGBTQIA issues.

You can sign up for a consultation:

by phone: +7 929 521 4951

by email: resurs.moscow@gmail.com

Themed seminars, training sessions, workshops and other psychological projects and events for the LGBTQIA community

Run in the evenings or at weekends by our psychologists or guest specialists

Peer support groups:

This group is a place to fellowship and get support from people who have faced similar situations in their lives, openly discuss issues that are important to you, share your experience, ask questions, learn something new and meet new people. We strive to create an atmosphere of confidentiality and trust.

  • Joint support group for the LGBTQIA community >>>
  • Support group for LBTs (women)
  • Support group for GBTQIAs (men)
  • Support group for trans* and gender non-conforming persons
  • “Health +” support group for women
  • Support group for activists
  • "To be BI", a support group for bisexuals

Family club: >>>

  • Psychological group for LGBTQIA couples and families

This is a safe space for couples, families, partners and all those to whom the issue of intimacy is relevant.

  • “True parents”, a club to help future LGBTQIA parents to meet

The aim of the club is to help LGBTQIA parents to find a partner or partners to have children with as well as share their experience and information regarding these issues that can be useful to other families and offer friendly support.

  • “Parent meeting”, a club for the parents of LGBTQIAs

We offer support to the parents and loved ones of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans* persons, help them share their worries, accept and understand their LGBTQIA children and relatives.

For specialists:

Intervisory group for psychologists working with the LGBTQIA community >>>

The aim of this group is the discussion of difficult cases, mutual professional help and support. Meetings are held once a month.

Seminars for psychologists and specialists of the helping professions

This is a platform for specialists from various fields to share their experience and ideas with their colleagues. Meetings are held once a month.

LGBTQIA Family Conference >>>

An annual event held in November which unites psychologists, specialists of the helping professions and the LGBTQIA community to share new ideas, experience and information.


Family Equality Festival  >>>

The Family Equality Festival is a gathering of families, an opportunity for families to get to know each other, whether they are alike or different, a chance to express themselves through creative arts and sports, to learn about their rights, to discuss relevant issues and look for solutions together. It is a celebration of diversity and a ceremony of recognising the importance of every family regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristics.

Cultural projects:

  • “Rainbow lamp” literary club

Among the aims of the literary club is attracting, supporting and uniting LGBTQIA authors and readers as well as creating a platform for discussion and a safe creative space where authors can present their works.

  • LGBTQIA film showings

For lovers of German cinema

For lovers of the English language

  • Language clubs

English, сontact number: +7 916 779 91 22, сoordinated by Julie Esse

German, сontact number: +7 929 574 37 21, сoordinated by Maxim Ulanov

French, сontact number: +7 962 938 26 08, сoordinated by Anastasia Allagulova

  • “Play space” personal development club

Here you can take part in personal growth activities and experience effective group interaction.

Previous therapeutic art and photography projects:

“Revealing your identity” exhibition, 2014

“Display of intimacy” exhibition, 2015

“Families stories. A revelation of meaning” exhibition, 2016 >>>