Family Equality Festival 2018

“Diverse families – countless connections”


The Family Equality Festival will be held in Moscow for the second time on May 6-16, 2018.

With its history going back to the International Family Equality Day (IFED), the Festival is a space for a wide range of events that have to do with family equality and the acceptance of Rainbow families in society.

At the 2018 Festival we would like to focus, first and foremost, on our inner resources, on the opportunities and prospects presented by the human connections that we ourselves create. We would like to explore our community, our immediate circle, its opportunities, friendly and accepting spaces, and ways of expanding the domain of freedom and acceptance.

What are our social connections? Who makes up our social circle?

Whom can we safely include in this circle?

How do we create a comfortable and safe environment for ourselves?

It’s about being open yet sensible in the context of our modern Russian society.

Our Festival is about finding our ground, establishing ourselves and making connections that will support us in difficult times.

Our Festival is about relationships and about those to whom we can turn in times of need.

Our Festival is about our resources and what we can share with other Rainbow families.

See you at the Family Equality Festival!


Phone number: +7 929 5214951