You are invited to the Family Equality Festival (7 – 17 May, 2017)

The very first Family Equality Festival will take place in Moscow, Russia, on May 7 – 17, 2017.

It is a unique event hosted by “Resource LGBTQIA Moscow”, centre for social, psychological and cultural projects, and is linked to the International Family Equality Day (IFED) celebrated on May 7th this year as well as to the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT) which will focus on family equality.

The Family Equality Festival is a gathering of families, an opportunity for families to get to know each other, whether they are alike or different, a chance to express themselves through creative arts and sports, to learn about their rights, to discuss relevant issues and look for solutions together. It is a celebration of diversity and a ceremony of recognising the importance of every family regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or any other characteristics.

We invite LGBTQIA families and their loved ones, the LGBTQIA community and all those to whom the values of partnership, family, love and mutual support matter.


The 10 days of the Festival will bring:

Date Time Event
7 May – 17 May
Sunday – Wednesday
14 – 22 “A revelation of identity”, “A revelation of intimacy”, “Family stories. A revelation of meaning” photo exhibitions open to viewers.
7 May, Sunday 19 – 22 Opening Ceremony of the Festival. Celebration of the International Family Equality Day.
8 May, Monday 15 – 18 Round table discussion for journalists: how to write about LGBTQIAs and LGBTQIA families. Risks and opportunities.
19 – 21 Film showing dedicated to family and parenting. Discussion.
9 May, Tuesday 16 – 18 “The rights of LGBTQIA families” talk show
19 – 22 Artistic performances by the “Rainbow lamp” literary club
10 May, Wednesday 19 – 21 Seminar about trans* families and trans* parents
11 May, Thursday 19 – 21  Psychological workshop for LGBTQIA families and parents
12 May, Friday 19 – 22 Team building activities from the “Play space” development club
13 May, Saturday 12 – 14 “Rainbow fun runs” in Kolomenskoe park
15 – 17 People and couples living with HIV. Family support.
18 – 23 “Rainbow fashion” catwalk show. Party.
14 May, Sunday 12 – 16 Living library event “Different families”
16 – 18 Fellowship for Rainbow families, family discussion club.
19 – 21 “Non-monogamous relationships”, seminar and discussion
15 May, Monday 19 – 21 Seminar on reproductive technologies for LGBTQIA parents
16 May, Tuesday 19 – 21 Legal seminar concerning issues of LGBTQIA partnerships and parenting.
17 May, Wednesday 19 – 22 Awards and Appreciation Ceremony for couples and families. Closing ceremony of the Festival.
Sign up for the Festival here.
After you register, we will send you an entrance voucher which will contain the address of the venue and allow you to access the events of the Festival. To ensure the safety of the participants of the Festival we require participants to present the entrance voucher on the screen of their mobile device or in printed form when they arrive at the venue.


See you at the Festival! We are different, but we are united!


Please contact us with any questions regarding the Festival:


Phone number: +7 929 5214951