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3rd Family Equality Festival in Moscow

“Ethics of consent and partnership in relationships”

May 10-19, 2019
The theme of this Festival unites our diverse LGBTQIAPP+ community and our families with all other kinds of families and relationships that exist within society.
We are all different with our unique experiences, genders, identities, sexualities, family structures and relationships. But what underpins all of this is ethics. The ethics of consent and partnership.
What is an ethical relationship built on the foundation of a culture of consent and equality between partners? What can we as a community do to strengthen such relationships and turn them into common practice?
A new feature of the Festival is that some of the events will be available online. We are planning to live stream several seminars and sessions so that families and participants from all over Russia and beyond could join us.
Entrance to the events of the Festival is free of charge and open to individuals over 18 years of age.
Contact number: +7 929 521 49 51 (WhatsApp)