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How does this work?

Family club

The Family club is a community of LGBTQIA families who want to fellowship, support each other, help each other develop.

The aims of the club are to unite various initiative groups that are geared towards supporting LGBTQIA families, increasing the level of self-acceptance, self-respect and visibility among LGBTQIA families in the gay community and in society as a whole.

The main principles of the club are the active involvement and personal responsibility of its participants, openness to new initiatives and the safety of its events.


The Family club unites the following projects: 

  • Psychological group for LGBTQIA couples and families
This is a safe space for couples, families, partners and all those to whom the issue of intimacy is relevant.
  • “True parents”, a club to help future LGBTQIA parents to meet
The aim of the club is to help LGBTQIA parents to find a partner or partners to have children with as well as share their experience and information regarding these issues that can be useful to other families and offer friendly support.
  • “Parent meeting”, a club for the parents of LGBTQIAs
We offer support to the parents and loved ones of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans* persons, help them share their worries, accept and understand their LGBTQIA children and relatives.

Family club group coordinator: Yulia Malygina

Tel.: +7 929 521 49 51