The Conference has been cancelled due to threats!!!

Vth LGBTQIAPP+ Family Conference

“Values of Family and Partnership. Ethics and Politics.”

Dates: 9-11 November, 2018, Moscow

Organized by “Resource LGBTQIA Moscow”, the centre for social, psychological and cultural projects.

Dear colleagues, partners, and friends!

You are invited to be part of the Vth LGBTQIAPP+ Family Conference, “Values of Family and Partnership. Ethics and Politics.”

Our conference is a stereotype-free, prejudice-free platform for dialogue between the LGBTQIAPP+ community, specialists of the helping professions, activists, human rights advocates, and other community leaders.

The aim of the Vth conference is not only to bring visibility to LGBTQIAPP+ issues and create a space for specialists to share their best practices of working with the community. The focus of this academic and practical conference is the issue of partnerships, families, and unions that do not fit the mold of modern Russian state policy. At this conference we would like to question the concept of “traditional family values”, which is being promoted throughout the country.

– What does this concept include and what does it exclude? What are its strategic goals?

– What are the consequences of manifesting this concept for real Russian families, partnerships and unions, for specialists of the helping professions, teachers and psychologists who work with those families?

– How do we as specialists see the shaping, changes and development of family relationships and partnerships in our society? What kind of ethical principles and concepts could serve as the foundation of this shift?

The aim of the conference is to outline an ethical space of psychological help where various families, partnerships, and unions may receive support.

This is possible through dialogue, through our desire and intention to understand how different families and unions work; through our attention to the details and circumstances of human relationships, by listening to and accepting the experience of the other.

Contact number: +7 929 521 49 51


Direct speech from Yulia Malygina

Hello everyone!

I need your HELP!

I am Head of Resource LGBTKIA Moscow and this year we organize the Fifth LGBTQIAPP Conference in Moscow. The conference goal is to unite LGBT+ Community and psychologists and other people from helping professions to exchange knowledge and experience and get support. A major focus are same-sex parents with children because they are even more vulnerable and unprotected than other groups.

We have around 400 participants every year and held around 20-30 seminars during those three days.It is a unique platform for the whole CIS but this year it is unfortunately left without funding. Thus, we try to gather the money on our own with crowdfunding.

We have already found a place that provides the rooms for free! And we also held a charity concert this weekend to gather some means.

Together we can do more!