3Psychological support

Individual counseling for LGBTQIAs and their loved ones held by professional psychologists experienced in LGBTQIA issues. Read more>>

3Support groups

Psychological support groups for the LGBTQIA community (joint group), GBTQIAs (male), LBTQIAs (female) and for LGBTQIA parents, a support group for activists, a trans* support group and a peer support group for HIV-positive individuals. Read more>>

3Family club

The Family club is an umbrella term for four projects: “We are parents” peer support group, “Parent meeting” – a club for the parents of LGBTQIAs, “Entre nous” – a group for LGBTQIA parents and their preschool children and “Future parents” – for fellowship and mutual support. Read more>>

3Intervisor group

An intervisor group for psychologists who work with LGBTQIAs. The aim of this group is to discuss difficult issues that come up during their work as well as help and support among professionals, bringing together LGBTQIA-affirmative specialists of the helping professions. Read more>>

3Workshops & seminars

Themed seminars, training sessions and workshops for the LGBTQIA community conducted by our psychologists or invited specialists for the empowerment of the community and the personal development of its members, their friends and loved ones. Read more>>

3Cultural projects

The “Rainbow lamp” LGBTQIA literature club. Conversation meetings and film showings at the English club. Film showings and discussions in German. Psychological photo projects and exhibitions. Read more>>