Counseling - Resource LGBTQIA Moscow

Professional counseling and psychological support 

Individual psychological consultations for LGBTQIAs and their loved ones: face-to-face or via Skype The consultations are provided by professional psychologists experienced in the field of  LGBTQIA issues.

Regardless of a person’s social standing, psychological resilience, financial well-being or number of contacts, there comes a time when we need an attentive listener, someone with professional psychological skills, someone independent, who isn’t a friend or a family member. Of course there are situations where a friendly chat over a cup of tea or a hug brings healing, but sometimes that’s not enough…

LGBTQIAs in modern Russia find themselves in a particularly difficult situation. Politicians see the very fact of our existence as a problem. That’s why when an LGBTQIA person seeks psychological counseling, they think: “What if the psychologist is going to try to “cure” me of my true identity? Will they treat me as an outcast? Will they be able to understand how painful it is to be invisible? Is it safe to tell them about my children?”

All our psychologists are professionals whose main value is the human being. It is up to that human being to decide what he or she is going to be like. We always keep in mind the fact that you are the author of your life, and the only thing a psychologist can do is help you write your story with less loss and more pleasure! The specialists at Resource have many years of experience with discriminated people behind them. And, most importantly, they know from personal experience what it means to be on a journey of self-discovery…

You can sign up for a consultation: by phone: +7 929 521 4951 by email: resurs.moscow@gmail.com Themed seminars, training sessions, workshops and other psychological projects and events for the LGBTQIA community Run in the evenings or at weekends by our psychologists or guest specialists